Top 3 Reasons to Stage your Home BEFORE you List it.

Professional Staging will always help, but to get the best benefit it should be done Before the home is Listed for Sale.
1. First Impressions count, and the best chance to sell your house is when it is first listed, because that is when the most people will see it.  We have experienced this over and over.  The first 30 days will probably get more online views and showings than all the other months combined that the house is listed.  Part of the reason for this is that Buyers Agents are always looking the new listings and the other is human psychology that rationalizes that if it hasn’t sold quickly something must be wrong with it.  In other words, “If someone else doesn’t want it then I probably don’t either.”
2. Price Reductions can be Avoided, and whereas staging costs can be written off price reductions cannot.  Agent’s often only get a 6 month listing agreement, so after 30 days without an offer, they will be suggesting that the homeowner start lowering their price.  Although this will help sell your house it will come with the cost of receiving less money for the sale of your house.
3. Online Photos of your Professionally Staged House helps immensely in getting Buyers in for a Showing to look at your House.  Nearly 100% of all Houses Sold start with Buyers looking at Photos Online, and over 80% of buyers agree that Staging makes it easier for them to visualize themselves living there.

Jean & Brenda Hendryx, Local Showhomes Franchise Owners in Tulsa