The Biggest Mistake when Hiring a Professional Stager for a Vacant Home

I hate it when I disappoint people. HATE IT! So let me tell you about how I disappointed 2 potential clients recently.

When a Realtor® or homeowner calls me to discuss staging a vacant home, I get excited! I love taking that blank space and bringing it to life so potential buyers can fall in love with the house. It is an incredibly satisfying process when the staging installation is done and we do a “big reveal” for the homeowners and/or Realtor.  And, of course, the even better feeling is when that great offer comes in quickly!

This whole process starts with that initial contact requesting info about staging the home. I had 2 calls about this recently. One was from an investor who had 2 homes he had renovated. We love staging updated homes! But the first house he was listing was going live in the MLS the VERY NEXT DAY, and the second one he planned to launch 5-7 days later. So I had to disappoint him. I had to tell him that there is no way we could stage homes with that short notice due to our schedule right now.

The second call I had was from a Realtor® about her first million dollar listing. She really wanted to have it staged to show off this beautiful property—wonderful! But she wanted to launch the listing within a week, so I also had to disappoint her. Once again, I had to tell someone that there is no way we could stage homes with that short notice due to our schedule right now. And I HATE disappointing people!

So the BIGGEST mistake you can make when hiring a professional stager is NOT REACHING OUT at least 2-4 weeks BEFORE you plan to list a house. Good quality stagers can get booked up! And to do a great staging customized for a property, a staging company needs time to design the staging, schedule assistants and movers, allocate furniture, and pull & pack accessories. We understand that you may not know the exact date that the home will be ready for staging. But we can develop your customized proposal with options for a property at that time. Then you can make your decision, and together we can begin working on the staging schedule.

To get a home beautifully staged by the professional staging company you prefer, plan accordingly and call them ahead of time! Don’t make the big mistake of waiting until the last minute, or you may not be able to get the home staged when you want it done or by the staging company you love.

Laura Landesman, Certified Professional Real Estate Stager, is the Owner of Showhomes of The Woodlands in The Woodlands, TX. She is a Real Estate Staging Association-PRO member and is passionate about the power of home staging and updates to maximize a home’s sales price and get fast offers.

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