How to Use Your Living Room Furniture for Home Staging in the Woodlands

You've decided you want to sell. The next step is investigating the process of how to make your house most marketable. Home staging in The Woodlands is the ideal way to get your home sold quickly and for potentially the most profit. But you might need a little bit of help to make it happen.

If you've just completed a recent revamp of any room in your home, you might not need additional help from a home staging company. A big reason for using home staging in The Woodland is that you want to make your space as inviting as possible while keeping it clean and contemporary. Having new or relatively unworn living room furniture, rugs, drapes, and accessories will set the perfect scene for potential buyers. They'll be able to imagine their own possessions in any room of the home. So, how can you tell if you can use your own pieces to stage your home?

Clean It Up

Rule number one, if you have anything in your home that isn't clean, fix it or get rid of it. Potential buyers want to see a tidy and well-cared for environment. This not only includes living room furniture, but walls, accents, flooring, decor, and the yard - if it isn't pretty, fix it! When's the last time you cleaned your living room furniture? Sometimes a deep clean can make a piece look brand new. When it comes to any item in your home, evaluate whether you can clean it up or truly need to just get rid of it.

Not Old Enough to Be Cool

Do you have a couch that's seen better days? You might want to consider an upgrade before you move while you're trying to sell your old place. Living room furniture is one of the most used and abused collection of items in any home. The couch, specifically, sees a lot of traffic. It's comfy and always there when you need it but that doesn't mean it's attractive to potential buyers. Update your pieces as you can while preparing for home staging. Keep the overall theme simple, but feel free to splurge on a colorful item - especially if it'll fit in your new home!

When to Get Help

If you're working with well-loved but well-worn pieces, you might want to consider bringing in the professionals. Companies offering home staging in The Woodlands will not only advise you on which pieces to switch out and where to place them for maximum benefit, they'll even do it for you! Potential buyers want to feel like they could put their coats away and move right in when they take a tour of your home. If you have too much stuff or too many classic pieces that you don't want to update, then you'll need some help. 

Companies offering home staging in The Woodlands also come in handy when you've already moved your stuff. If your house is empty, bring in the professionals to make it look like a home again. Buyers are much more likely to fall in love with a home when there are things in it that make it seem lived in. They want to imagine their own items in each room and see how this home fits their lives. When you're working with a blank canvas, it's hard to visualize a functional house.

Whether you do it on your own or have a little help, making sure your home is tour-ready is key. Home staging in The Woodlands will get your home sold quicker and at a higher value. So, don't skimp on the process!