Home Office Styles for Home Staging in the Woodlands

The Best Home Office Furniture for Small Spaces

Having home office space in your home can not only increase productivity but add value to your home. If you're putting your home on the market and preparing for home staging in The Woodlands, why not take this opportunity to convert a small space to an office? Adding office space to your home doesn't have to be difficult or take up lots of square footage.

Corner Office

You can create a useable and productive space with minimal home office furniture tucked into a corner. This can even be a corner you already have in another room, for example a guest room or main bedroom. All you need is a desktop space - which can be as simple as attaching a wide shelf to a wall at chair level - and storage space. Storage options are plentiful depending on what material you'll need to stow. Typical office items like papers, pens, files, and the like can be stored in fashionable baskets either under your shelf desks or in containers on their own shelves.


Do you have a piece that could double as home office furniture? If so, build a work space around it. Many people have china cabinets or armoires housing their finer dining accoutrements. Sometimes these pieces have a pull-out shelf that can be used as a work space for a laptop. Simply get a matching desk chair to add the full effect. When home staging in The Woodlands, make sure to have the shelf pulled out and chair set to let potential buyers know this could be an added workspace, even if you're taking the furniture with you.


One way to add a home office to an existing space is by building it into the room. This requires a little bit more investment than simply home staging in The Woodlands, but can pay off big time by enticing potential buyers. You can build a work space into shelving in a main room such as the living area. Not only will built-ins add other storage space, you can fashion them so that the office space can be hidden when not in use.

Closet Concentration

Speaking of built-ins, a unique and clever way to create a home office in a small space is to repurpose a closet. Some opt to keep the closet structure as is while removing the door and adding some shelves. If that works for you, then go for it! Others change the structure of the closet, if possible, by busting down the frame to open the space and reduce the claustrophobic feel. Whichever way you opt to transform your closet, it will be certain to add valuable work space to your home.

Functional Furniture

A key to adding a home office to a small space is functional furniture. Finding the perfect desk - and chair to pair with it - for that loft nook is crucial to setting up a productive work space. If you're putting your home on the market and don't want to invest in pieces specific to your former home, then home staging in The Woodlands can offer a solution. Home staging companies will bring the perfect pieces for your space and what potential buyers want to see. This will save you the unnecessary purchase and the hassle of trying to fit awkward pieces in your new space.

Potential buyers love being able to picture themselves living their lives in a home. By spending a little time, sweat equity, and cash, you can make updates to your home that'll be sure to please. Contact Show Homes today for more information on home staging in The Woodlands.