Headboards for the Bedroom in the Woodlands

If you're putting your home on the market, or if you're just looking for an update, creating a new headboard can be simple. When you're selling, home staging in The Woodlands is crucial. By updating small things throughout your house, you'll appeal to potential buyers. Making an improvement in each room doesn't have to involve a lot of money or time, but can be ultimately beneficial. Something as simple as updating your bedroom headboard can work wonders! Here are some easy and chic ideas for your headboard.

Art Over Function

Headboards don't serve a "real" purpose other than being decorative. Take that idea to new level when you're home staging in The Woodlands by using actual art as the headboard. Obviously, you don't want expensive, rough, or uncomfortable pieces of art behind your head while you're sleeping. But, consider using fabric art like large wall tapestries behind the bed to give an easy, artsy look to your bedroom. As a bonus, this option will take up a lot of wall space or provide a statement wall in an otherwise neutral room that you've prepared for potential buyers. 

Soft and Simple

Using stuff you already have when you're home staging in The Woodlands not only saves money, but saves time. Do you have a gorgeous quilt that your grandmother made but you never had a place for? Install a long and sturdy quilt rack behind your bed. Make sure the height of the rack will allow for the quilt to hang past the top of your bed. Voile - instant soft and simple headboard. Take soft and inviting a step further by constructing your own bed canopy that also serves as a headboard. You'll just need some curtain rods and hardware and a cut of really long fabric. 


Potential buyers love to see dual-purpose decor in home staging in The Woodlands. Make your updated headboard serve as shelving, too! Look beyond the typical headboard and install shelving above and on the sides of your bed. Low-cost shelving and storage options about at Ikea and they won't cost a lot. Interested in increasing light in your bedroom to impress potential buyers? Use a large mirror as a headboard. Clearly, you'll want to affix it high enough to not risk an accidental impact in the middle of the night. However, using the headboard space as additional decor real estate is genius. 


Of course, if you have the time and talent, feel free to DIY a headboard for home staging in The Woodlands. Something as simple as an old door can make a beautiful and rustic headboard. As a bonus, this type of DIY headboard takes very little effort. Just some mounting items and you're done! Everyone has seen variations of the pallet headboard, but what about adding an artistic twist to it? Make a standard pallet headboard and then paint a pattern on it that matches the rest of your bedroom decor. 

Updating small touches throughout your house when home staging in The Woodlands can make a huge difference in the amount of time it takes to sell and possibly the amount of money you get for the sale. Pick a few things and commit to sprucing them up - whether through DIY or some clever re-purposing!