Dresser Ideas for Home Staging in the Woodlands

Everybody has that one piece of furniture they inherited from a relative. You can’t part with it but it desperately needs an update. If you’re preparing for a move and putting your current home on the market, you’re probably evaluating your stuff and considering the perfect way to accomplish home staging in The Woodlands. Don’t part with sentimental pieces just because they might not look appealing to potential buyers. Take this opportunity to roll up your sleeves and do a little DIYing to make dear aunt Linda’s old dresser into a new and exciting piece you’ll be proud to show and use for years to come. Here are some great high-end DIY dresser ideas.

Simple Fix

Sometimes updating a dresser can be as truly simple as a coat or two of paint and new hardware. If the piece you’re redoing has a beautiful design, but the finish has seen better days, you might get away with some sanding and painting to breathe new life into an antique. Frequently, very old pieces have intricate detailing in the woodwork and sometimes this detail can need repair. Before you do anything, inspect all the elements of your piece to see if any part of it needs repair. Again, this could be as simple as using some wood glue to fix a crack or reattach a wooden flourish. Once the dresser is whole, sand it down, and paint it a color that will serve the design. The most fun part about redoing a dresser is picking out the hardware! Be sure to try and stick with something that compliments the period of the piece, if it’s truly an antique, or take a chance and express yourself – after all, it’s your masterpiece.


Maybe you have a more modern piece that isn’t truly an antique, but it’s good quality and has lots of years of use left. With a little creativity and design, you can make this old standby into something you’d find in the pages of a Pottery Barn catalogue, which will do wonders for efforts of home staging in The Woodlands! This dresser makeover is specifically for children, but the idea can be expanded to a more high-end DIY plan. Any design you can imagine can be stenciled onto your piece. Think outside the box and get as creative as you like, just be sure you can actually accomplish your vision. Unique focal pieces are excellent additions when showing a home, but you don’t want to go overboard or present a haphazard final product.


You don’t have to keep your ancient dresser in its original form. Maybe you have a new bedroom set and you don’t need a rogue dresser crowding your space. Not to worry. With a little DIY ingenuity, you can turn that dresser into a more functional piece and avoid parting ways with the sentimental value. Looking to upgrade your living room pieces to prepare for home staging in The Woodlands? Turning an old dresser into a new, chic, and functional TV stand is pretty easy to do. If your dresser is the long and low type, a TV stand transformation can be as simple as removing drawers, some coats of paint, new hardware, and the addition of baskets or containers. This DIY TV stand tutorial covers how to tackle this type project that results in a high-end outcome.

Whether you’re just hankering for a project, or are preparing your stuff for home staging in The Woodlands, revamping your dresser can be a fun and education experience. Get to DIYing!