DIY Office Desks - Home Staging in the Woodlands

Best Ideas for DIY Office Desks in The Woodlands

You don’t have to spend big bucks on office desks in The Woodlands to find the perfect match for your space. Maybe you have a vision that hasn’t been met after endless trips to various stores and design shops. If you’re stuck, why not create your own beautiful desk for your home office? A little DIY ingenuity and a weekend of focus are sure to result in a unique and functional creation. Here are some great options for DIY office desks in The Woodlands.

Quick and Functional

Creating your own desk doesn’t have to involve advanced carpentry and tons of cash. A functional and fabulous piece can be as simple as finding two filing cabinets and a slab of wood. You can find storage cabinets at big box stores or if you’re feeling vintage and thrifty, scour Craiglist or local yard sales for free or super cheap options. Not into the look of storage cabinets, why not snag some sawhorses and jazz them up with paint or stain? As long as your bases are sturdy, they can work! When it comes to a desk top, you can go with traditional wood, or think outside the box with a heartier material. Just be sure that the bases you’ve chosen can hold up whatever material you’re using on top. Home updating in The Woodlands can be quick and easy, but don’t cut corners or defy physics in the process.

Farm Fresh

One of the biggest trends in office desks in The Woodlands is the farm table. If you have the space for it, creating a farm table desk is simple. Thankfully this kind of project doesn’t require extensive carpentry skills – just a couple of nails, some measuring, and a little cutting. The part that can get expensive when creating this type of desk is the wood you use. A huge trend is to use reclaimed wood for projects like this. If you have an architectural salvage store in your area, head down to see what types of options they might have for the project. When dealing with reclaimed wood, you’ll need to have the ability to cut and shape your wood for the desk and the price can get hefty pretty quickly. If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option, consider using pallets to create your masterpiece. You can usually find pallets for free, but the challenge is ensuring you find quality pieces for your desk. You’ll also have to spend a little extra time sanding and preparing the material as pallet wood can be quite rough.

Small Spaces

Are you working with a small space? Consider using standing office desks in The Woodlands to capitalize on all the space available. If you’re not supporting a ton of heavy office equipment, you can do something as simple as mounting a wide shelf to a wall to serve as a standing or sit-down desk, depending on the height of any accompanying chairs. You’ll just need some brackets, a shelf, and a secure place to bolt it into your wall. This standing desk uses an open corner to provide additional work space. When selecting supplies, be sure to have an accurate measurement of your space. Every inch counts when space is limited.

Home updating in The Woodlands can be easy. You can have a new office space in just one weekend. Not only does an updated office provide additional space to tackle any big project, it can increase the value of your home. There are endless benefits to adding an inviting and functional office area to your home. So, why not give it a try?