Cozy DIY: Decorative Pillows in the Bedroom

Keeping your home in The Woodlands fitted with the latest décor can be exhausting! But there’s an easy place to start: decorative pillows in the bedroom. Creating your own unique and cozy pillow covers is a cost-effective and simple way to keep up with trends without breaking the bank.

Recycled Chic

Everyone has old t-shirts or clothes laying around that aren’t exactly donation worthy, but are perfect for crafting. Try turning those old favorites into shabby-chic fabric flowers. Once you have a dozen or so flowers to work with, find a fabric that goes with your rustic and recycled theme to create a pillow cover. From there, use your sewing machine to create thread “stems” that will connect your DIY flowers. Put it all together for a beautiful and unique recycled roses pillow. Maybe flowers aren’t your thing but you love a good ruffle. Use those old t-shirts to create a ruffled pillow to add to your decorative pillows in the bedroom in The Woodlands.

Painted Pillows

Paint? On pillows? You bet! One of the benefits to creating your own decorative pillows for the bedroom is that you have the freedom to make whatever you can dream up a reality. Try your hand at spray painted pillows. You’ll just need some freezer paper, fabric, and spray paint to create a fun and elegant look that will fool anyone into thinking these pillows were professionally produced. Don’t be limited by using stencils. If you want to freehand your decorative pillow, you can! Just get some fabric paint, brushes, and a blank piece of fabric. You don’t even have to sew your own pillow cover. Crafts stores frequently sell simple, white covers for your DIY needs.

Why Are Decorative Pillows in the Bedroom Important?

The biggest function decorative pillows in the bedroom can serve for your home in The Woodlands is when you’re trying to sell. Sounds weird, right? But making your home look inviting and valuable is crucial when it comes to putting it on the market. What if you don’t have a creative bone in your body or the time to dedicate to making your home ready for tours? That’s where home staging in The Woodlands comes in. Companies that offer home staging can come in and spruce up your home to make it ready for potential buyers to view. From the backyard, to the dining room, to decorative pillows in the bedroom, home staging in The Woodlands will get your home set to get off the market by impressing potential buyers.