4 Ways You Can Makeover Your Bathroom in the Woodlands

When undertaking bathroom makeovers, you can spend as little or as much time and money as you want. However, most people just wanting an update on their existing space don’t have more than a weekend to dedicate to the project. Bathroom updating in The Woodlands, TX, doesn’t have to be a months-long ordeal. You can add value and pizzazz to your boring bathroom in just one weekend with these four bathroom updating ideas.

1. Out with the Old. The quickest and easiest way toward bathroom updating is to buy new accessories to outfit your space. Pick a new color scheme or pattern and replace rugs, shower curtains, and towels. These types of switches don’t require any know-how and, if you shop smart, are on the lower end of any renovation budget. While you’re at it, think about adding or replacing any wall décor to match your new accessories.

2. Deep Clean. Sometimes the simplest things can have the biggest impact. When was the last time you cleaned the grout in your shower? Taking the time to seriously clean every surface during an update can enhance bathroom makeovers in The Woodlands, TX, like you’d never imagine. Consider not only cleaning the grout and caulking in and around your fixtures but replacing it all together if time and talent allow. A spic and span space will feel brand new.

3. Spot of Tile. You can easily undertake a tile project during bathroom updating in The Woodlands, TX, even if you have just a weekend to spare. Don’t expect to re-tile your entire bathroom, but think about any spaces where a little tile could go a long way. Do you have a space behind the faucet that could get a lift from a line or two of tiny tile? Small and manageable projects like this are perfect for the weekend DIY warrior with a desire for something different.

4. Vanity Revamp. With all the tutorials available on the internet, you can practically call yourself Bob Villa. Bathroom makeovers involving replacing your vanity are as simple as a trip to the home improvement store and watching a 30-minute video online. If you’re really crafty, consider repurposing something vintage or odd into a vanity for the bathroom. Head to an architectural salvage store, antique shop, or flea market to discover your next unique vanity. Even if you’re not ready to replace the entire vanity, a new faucet can make a huge difference during bathroom updating. If you’re changing the color of your accessories, why not change up the color or texture of the faucet and other fixtures as well?

Performing some simple bathroom updating can add value to any home, especially if you’re looking to sell. If you’re in a position to sell and just don’t have the budget or time to perform bathroom makeovers, an alternative to sprucing up a space is bathroom staging in The Woodlands, TX. Bare bathrooms can come across as cold and uninviting. By using bathroom staging, you can give your space a warm feel when prospective buyers come through. Bathroom staging in The Woodlands, TX, allows people to get a sense of the real possibilities of any space. Any bathroom can be revitalized in just a weekend with some simple changes, whether you do them yourself or outsource them.