3 Reasons Home Staging in the Woodlands is Crucial to Selling a Home Quickly and at Asking Price

65-70 days. According to Zillow, that's about how long it takes to sell the average homeAnd while factors like market temperature, price, location, and home condition all play an important role in how long it takes to sell a home, there are strategies that can help you speed up the process. One such strategy is home staging in the Woodlands. Let's take a deeper look at why home staging is crucial to selling a home quickly.


1. Home Selling is More Digital Based Than Ever


According to data from the National Association of Realtors, 58% of all buyers use a mobile device to find homes online before contacting a real estate agent. 89% of those potential buyers found that the photos on online listings were very useful. What this tells us is that the new generation of buyers want and need to see photos online before they even make an attempt to reach out to an agent. And how do you make those photos appealing enough that potential buyers reach out to an agent for a showing? By investing in home staging in the Woodlands.


2. Creates Competition and Encourages Multiple Offers


Every seller's main objective is to sell the home at or above the asking price. And, as has been proven in a survey by Home Staging Resource, sellers that invest in home staging receive anywhere from 6-25% more for their homes than those that are unstaged. The reason for this is simple. With home staging in in the Woodlands, you create the opportunity for more potential buyers to reach out to the agent in charge of selling the home. And not only does this increase the likelihood of multiple offers being placed on the home, but it opens up the possibility that those offers will actually exceed the asking price.


3. Prevents the Need for Price Dropping


In most cases, when there is little to no interest in a home after 2-4 weeks, a price adjustment of around $5,000 is applied to entice more potential buyers. If lack of interest continues, so too do the price drops applied to the home. By investing a few hundred dollars in home staging in the Woodlands from day one of selling your home, you can often avoid this price drop. In the end, the small investment that you make in home staging can often end up saving you thousands of dollars.


Investing in Home Staging from Day One


When you're selling a home, selling it quickly and at or above the asking price is always the ultimate goal. Home staging plays a crucial role in helping you achieve that goal. In some cases, it may even help you exceed your goal and get up to 6-25% more than your asking price. With the small initial investment, and the many advantages it provides, it's easy to see why home staging from day one plays a crucial role in helping you sell your home quickly and at the price you deserve.