What Smell Will Help You Sell?

What Smells Will Help You Sell?

When it comes to home staging, the visual aesthetics are not the only pieces of the picture. It is also essential that you capture the proper scents to complete the atmosphere for the buyer. Psychology tells us smells are linked to memories and play a vital part in the decision making. So it important that you understand the feel of the home when staging, to apply the perfect aroma that you want to encapsulate to generate a future perspective for the possible buyer.


Many different smells are great alone, great together or should never cross. Be keen on the essence you want to emulate without offending your potential buyer.

For this holiday season and into the next year, the festive Christmas and New Year smells are best found in fresh green plant life. Spruce, Fir, Cypress, and Pine trees are the most common woody smells for the holidays. Showhomes Tampa tries using aromatic trees, which can be found in essential oils and released through diffusers or in candles.

The smell of fruits offers fresh sweet and citrusy aromas. The use of lemons, oranges, cranberries, vanilla, and coffee are excellent upbeat smells.

Spices such as frankincense, myrrh, cinnamon, nutmeg, allspice, lavender, chamomile, jasmine, peppermint, and clove are great comforting smells.

Essential oils are an efficient way to spread the perfect scent. Cold air diffusers have the straightforward application of water and oil, and Ultrasonic diffuser uses just the oil. Scents can be more specific and tend to be more aromatic, and the oils are endless. When staging a home, add a few drops of oil with some water and depending on the diffuser you’ll get hours of that soothing smells.

It would best to cycle through scents from the morning and evening as well as distinct smells for various rooms. Be sure you keep in mind what scents are best together and will make a lasting impression while staging a home in Tampa. Whichever scents you create or methods you use, keep it simple and not overpowering.

Happy Smelling and Selling!