What Are You Telling Your Buyers Without Saying a Word

Communication is in all aspects of business and life, especially if you are home staging. From a verbal discussion to body gestures, communication occurs on every level which makes it important that you are aware of what you are saying without speaking. Body language is the elementary level of communication. Small movements or a simple gesture can tell you a lot about the buyer and tell the buyer a lot about you. Understanding these simple movements will help you control a situation to make a sale.

Great First Impression

You never get a second chance at a first impression. Everyone knows that the first impression should always be the best. It’s a good indicator of how and where the relationship will grow. As a home stager in the Tampa Bay area putting your best foot forward with focused clear intent will help you break the ice and invite comfort. A few key things to remember when meeting your potential buyer.


Posture is everything. At first glance, your stance reflects attitude, emotion, intent and vise verse for your client. Having a proper posture will command attention and respect. An open posture with your shoulder and palms welcomes your client with a friendly approach and demeanor when you’re presenting a home after a home staging.

Eye Contact

Making eye contact with your client during a meeting or showing ensures confidence and grants them your full attention. It is important to keep in mind how you may be making the client feel so be sure that you are looking and listening, not glaring and telling.  

Shaking Hands

The greeting should always begin and end with a handshake. The brief physical contact between you and the client opens a personal bond and shows the client that you stand on the mutual ground. Handshakes should be short but firm. An over firm grips suggests your aggressiveness or overconfidence and a loose grip shake suggests your unsure or distracted.


A Small Note to Remember

Have you ever noticed a client or couple copy your stance or gesture during a showing? If so, then that it a good sign. It shows that they are enjoying the environment.


Showing your home relies heavily on communication.

Understanding the different levels will ensure you to communicate efficiently and control the situation effectively.