The Top Bedroom Design Trends to Avoid

The bedroom is often a homeowner’s retreat. It’s a place to relax after a long day, to store many of your personal effects and to decorate to your heart’s desire. However, when selling your home, it’s often the most difficult room to detach from those things that make the space distinctively your own. Bold colors or too much of one texture can detract buyers from a purchase while remaining too neutral can be too harsh. Even piling on pillows can be overwhelming if they aren’t symmetrical.

“At least use a plain bedspread as a base for all those colors,” said Showhomes interior designer Amber Dias in an interview with 

Instead, she recommends weaving in a similar color, fabric or texture to ensure there’s cohesiveness.

Another common mistake homeowners make is utilizing minimalist furniture, making a room feel bleak.  Ensure the purchases you make are to scale. That applies to too few pieces as well as too many.

“If there’s too much in the room or the bed is too big, the room will feel claustrophobic,” Dias said to reporter Jennifer Geddes. “But with too little furniture, you run the risk of making it look like your first apartment after college.”