Navigating Holiday Decorations in December Listings

The holiday season brings cheer, warmth, and the allure of festively adorned homes. However, for those navigating the real estate market in December, the question of how to handle Christmas decorations can pose a unique challenge. Here are some insights to ensure your listings shine throughout the season and beyond.

Timing is Everything: If your sellers have adorned their homes with Christmas decorations and you’ve taken pictures for your listings, consider the timing. Images featuring holiday decor can create a warm and inviting atmosphere, but they also come with a catch. If the property stays on the market longer than anticipated, the timestamp from the festive pictures might become more pronounced than the actual days on market displayed on MLS (ADOM). To address this, consider retaking pictures in January when the holiday decorations are no longer present.

Plan Ahead: To avoid this time-sensitive issue altogether, strategize with your sellers about when to capture listing photos. Taking pictures before the decorations go up ensures your listing remains timeless and adaptable, whether it sells quickly or stays on the market for an extended period.

Extend Beyond Christmas: The same principle applies to other holidays such as Halloween or Easter. While festive decorations can be charming, they may inadvertently date your listing. Be mindful of the potential for extended market stays, and plan your listing photos accordingly.

Optimal Presentation:
 Striking the right balance between creating a welcoming holiday atmosphere and ensuring the longevity of your listing’s appeal is crucial. Encourage sellers to keep decorations tasteful, minimizing the risk of the property feeling outdated as the seasons change.

Remember, your goal is to present listings in a way that appeals to potential buyers regardless of the time of year. By navigating holiday decorations strategically, you can ensure your listings remain evergreen and ready to captivate buyers whenever they hit the market.

Wishing you a successful and joyful holiday season!

Best regards
Liliana Warr