Make Your Small Rooms Appear Larger with These Easy Tips

The goal for home staging is to create an attractive or enjoyable experience for every home buyer by addressing each little detail with the utmost care by capturing each room’s full potential. Some spaces are open and easy, but others might be more difficult especially when it comes to small rooms. For Showhomes Home Staging, the task could not be any more exciting, but for a homeowner, it presents a challenge. Lucky there a few things you can do to give your small bedroom a fresh look with a more significant appearance.

1. Choosing the Right Colors

When deciding the color of the room walls, you always hear that you must use a neutral color like white. Well, sometimes that is just too boring and bland. The idea behind white paint is it reflects the light better. Since white is a light color, scrolling down the palette in the light tones will do just the same. Take your pick because the array of colors is endless but remember keep your personal touches out of it.


2. Picking the Right Furniture

As with many homes, the small rooms always have a large bed. Do the space justice and select the appropriate size bed to show the room’s full potential. Oversize beds crowd space, and anything smaller than a twin is impractical unless designated as toddlers room.

3. Get a Reflection

The use of mirrors adds depth to the room and different perspective. Placing a mirror above a desk or across from a window will visually expand the atmosphere. Small mirrors look great clustered together, and large mirrors look best alone.

4.Use your space wisely

Capitalize on the vertical space from the wall to the windows. Size the right curtains without crowding the space or touching floors. The use of open legged furniture allows for light to show you have nothing to hide. Vertical dressers or chest of drawers could complement your room with crowding space.  

5.Keep it Simple

Whatever room you prepare for showing, take great care and time to draw a full concept of design before you make your approach. Just keep things simple and comfortable. For other tips and ideas feel free to visit for inspiration.