How to Use Plants to Show a Healthier Home

How to Use Plants to Show a Healthier Home

As cities grow, we are seeing less and less natural plant life. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little nature in your home? Having houseplants in your home make for a healthier, happier, and more welcoming home. Home buyers want a natural feel to a home and adding plants does just that. You want to be sure to choose that right plants for your home. Obviously, you wouldn’t put large tree like plants in a small condominium. Just to be clear, you want real plants in your home, not fake.

How to bring plant life into your home

Small plants

Small plants can be added to any room to make it feel fresh and alive. Imagine a small green clover plant on an entry table. How inviting! A great idea is to use the small succulent plants or cactuses. They are affordable and small enough for any room, like the bathroom. Leafy plants in the window bring life to the whole room.

Don’t forget a fresh set of flowers is always welcoming when showing your home. Flowers don’t just look great, they help the home smell great too.

Hanging plants

Plants that hang are eye-catching, especially if they have a beautiful rope swing. The flow of the leaves or vines capture the attention of the future home buyer and can help show the space of a room.

The newest trend in plants is air plants. They require very little care and water. However, they look amazing in little rock gardens hanging from your ceiling in a see-through glass teardrop. Air plants can also stem from or hang on your wall.

Large potted plants

Plants also improve air quality in the home. We spend most of our time indoors (unfortunately), might as well spend that time breathing clean air. These larger plants are going to give your home the best air quality. Large leaf plants look great in living rooms. They help brighten the room and give it the sense of nature you’re looking for. Larger plants, like peace lilies, are also low maintenance and use very little light. Putting plants in large accent colored pots can accentuate a room.

There is such thing as too many plants in the home. Don’t overdo it and make it feel like a rainforest. A plant or two per room will suffice. When you want to show your home, be sure to spruce it up by adding a few plants to bring your home to life!

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