How to Stage Your Laundry Room

Staging your Laundry Room

You finally decide to put your home up for sale and begin by making a checklist of home improvements. Making your list, you glance up at your laundry room door and with a deep sigh, and add it to the very bottom. It’s just a laundry room, right!? It’s not as important as the rest of the house, is it?

On the contrary, because the laundry room is the only room for laundry in the house, it is just as vital as the kitchen and bathrooms. Which means it needs just as much if not more attention than the rest.

The laundry room is a single location where shoes, dirty clothes, clean clothes, cleaning supplies, pet food, extra paper towels and coats find a place, either stacked, stuffed or propped up to store. Such a vast supply of extras for one single room don’t you think?

Since, it is the only laundry room; you must give it the care it deserves.

To get started here are a few tips to help.

Non Essentials Clean Out

Clean the Clutter. Go through every stack, pile and corner of the room and clean out all the items that are not laundry room related.

List of Laundry room items:



Dryer sheets

Stain and odor removers

Ironing and Sewing Supplies

Cleaning Towels

Cleaning Supplies

Garbage Can and garbage liners

If your laundry room is by the backdoor, a nice coat hanger and shoe shelf will tidy things up.

Clean Things Up

Clean the surface of the washer and dryer from front to back then top to bottom. If your home is older and you have baseboard heating, give them a nice cleaning as well. Make sure you give your window attention with a nice curtain. Scrub, mop, and sweep. Nothing draws attention like a clean space.

Paint the Space

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way. Add a fresh coat with either the same color or a new color but make sure that it is calm and cool. A lot of time is spent in the laundry room, keep things neutral and relaxing.  

Add Some Shelves

You don’t have to go crazy on the shelves. Simple wire shelves will do; they are easy to install and inexpensive. They come in all white and various sizes so it should be easy to match the space.

Use Some Baskets

There is no need to stock up on baskets if you already have a some. I would how every suggest you get a good set that matches and fits on the shelves properly. Just to store basic items out of view.

Hide the Essentials

All the items that you have deemed laundry room appropriate should now be put away and stored appropriately. Keep your laundry room clean with a place for everything and everything in its place.

Keep up with the Laundry Room

Cleaning is a job of itself but with great care you should be able to rally the troops to support you clean venture for the sale of your home. Keep up with your cycles and don’t let things pile up on you. Your laundry room is the only room you, stage it for right and keep it clean.