How to Paint like a Pro

How to Paint like a Pro
It’s time to cover up that 1960’s lime green walls! Painting your home can be tedious. Some
people love it and others despise it. However, if your able to make your home look like a
professional painted it, it might just be worth it. Adding a coat of paint can make a huge
difference when staging your home to sell. Buyers want to see a clean and refreshing home,
and paint can do just that.
Here are 5 P’s to help you paint like a pro:
1. Prep!!
This step may not be fun but once it is done, I promise it’s smooth sailing.
Take the time to not only collect all your materials (brushes, rollers, stools, trays, etc.)
but to also make sure the room is ready to paint. This means that you have taken out all
the nails from the wall, patched all of the holes and if need be, tape the ceiling and
baseboards for protection, and removed all of the electrical covers. This may take you
an hour of your time but it is worth it!
2. Prime
Covering old paint can be a hassle. It may take you two to three coats, but not with a
primer. Primer is important because it covers old paint, light or dark, well enough so
that you don’t need to spend too much money on extra colored paint. It also helps the
color paint stick to the walls much better.
Most paints today can be mixed with a primer. This allows for only one coat of paint and
less of your time. Easy peasy!
3. Paint from top to bottom
After you have cut in the edges on the ceiling and baseboards, it’s time to take the
roller to the wall. By painting from top to bottom, this allows for your walls to have a
smooth and even layer of paint. Allow the roller to do all of the work for you.
4. Patience
Allow some time for the paint to dry to see if you do need a second coat. If you must,
finish painting another day. Wrap your brushed and rolls up in plastic wrap for the night
so that way you can use them again in the morning. Be patient with allowing the walls
and ceilings to dry.
5. Precision
Before you clean up for good, go back and make sure that all spots, blotches, and drips
are fixed. You can take an Exacto knife along edges if you went too far over. Look over
every crook and corner.
Don’t waste too much time on buying expensive furniture or getting new carpet just to sell your
home. Add a new coat of paint to the walls and watch your home come to life. A little paint can
help set the stage for your home!