How To Find The Best Home Stager For Your Listing

How To Find The Best Home Stager For Your Listing

Key factors to look for in a home staging company

When wanting to sell your home, it’s important to think about hiring a home stager to have the quickest sale with the highest value. We all want our home to sell for more than it’s worth!  There’s a lot to think about when it comes to hiring the right company to stage your home. Here are a few questions to ask and a few key factors you want to be sure to look for.

Are they certified or accredited?

While there is no four-year degree for a home stager, there are different programs of training that a good home stager is willing to go through. RESA, the real estate staging association, is something to consider and you may want to look for in certifications of your future home staging company. This training helps solidify that they are serious about their business. It’s training to make sure that they have the “eye” to stage a room according to a large audience. This certification should not necessarily make the cost of your home staging company expensive but provide reassurance and ease to your mind.

What does their portfolio look like and is it what you’re looking for?

Every home stager will have a portfolio. It should include before, and after pictures of several different rooms and homes, they have done in the past. These should be professional photographs with their company’s label on them to be sure that it is their work. Unfortunately, it’s very easy these days for people to steal photographs of other great staged homes, so be careful. Is their style what you are looking for? The stager may be too modern for your home or have an “old” way of staging. A great home stager will make a room suitable for a larger audience by taking away the things that make a room too personable. They will have a variety of accessories that you will be able to rent from to make a room look outstanding.

How long have they been in business?

Obviously, a lot of experience is preferred in this kind of business. The more years of experience, hopefully, the more homes they have helped sell to its greatest potential. Have they been doing this for a hobby or is there a business in their name? Be aware of people who are doing this as a hobby, for they may not be the best choice in staging your home. However, if they are new to the business, it may be beneficial because they have that “new eye” into the staging world. Don’t rule out these people either.

How current are they with the real estate market?

You want your home to sell! How you stage your home will determine who you are selling to. You can’t add expensive props to a home that only cost $180,000 to try to make it look $300,000. That would worsen the situation. A home stager will know how to stage the home according to area and value. He or she will make it look fabulous no matter the selling point of the home.


You want to feel confident in who is staging your home. Don’t go with your neighbor who majored in interior design 30 years ago and is a coffee barista. The best home stager will work with you and your budget as well as only want best for you. Once you’ve found the home staging company of your choice, don’t forget to write a review so others can experience their magical home touches.