6 Tips That Will Help You Sell

Here are a few tips that will help you catch the right buyer:

1.    The First Impression
Start from the curbside, the exterior of the property is the first impression the buyer will have. Ensuring your home is picturesque from the curb is an important detail that must be eye catching. Keep these things in mind when styling your curb appeal:

  • Clear off the roof of debris and sticks.
  • Clean out the gutters of leaves.
  • Wash the windows inside and out.
  • Power wash the driveway, sidewalk, and siding.
  • Trim the lawn and edge the walkways.
  • Trim foliage like trees and shrubs.

Have well-lit paths and walkways during the night, and illuminated address numbers add a great touch to welcome the evening buyers and staging your home for a sale.

2. Front Entryway
There is nothing more inviting than a warm entryway. Taking some advice from the designers of Showhomes Tampa, you always want to make the house feel welcoming and lived in. Maybe a few inviting potted plants, a decorative doormat, or a matching set of porch furniture could spruce up your entryway. Remember to keep it simple and use the space the best you can without cluttering.

3. Living vs. Staging
There is a fine line between staging and living. The key is to start out slow and take one task at a time and staying focused.

  • You must get rid of the clutter. A good place to start is by cleaning your closets and storage spaces. You goal is to show off how much space your new buyers will have when moving in. All of the items you previously had in there will be one less thing to move when you find your new home.
  • Be sure you are always keeping up with scattered children’s toys. It may seem difficult in the beginning, but consistency is critical.
  • Animal odors and hair are a big turn off for a buyer. Daily dusting and floor cleaning help with fewer pet particles circulating and polluting surface and the air.
  • Show off your garage. A buyer likes to envision the space they have to park their car or create a workshop. Offering the potential space lends itself to the buyer’s imagination to ponder the possibilities.

4. Make the Surfaces Shine
As soon as the buyer enters your home, they smell the air, feel the atmosphere and see the floors. And there is nothing more astonishing that the sparkle and shine of clean floors and counter surfaces. If you have carpeted floors, wood floors or any other types; taking the time to make them shine or fluff is one of the best and cheapest ways to make your house glow for a home staging. A little elbow grease goes a long way.

5. Rooms, Furniture Arrangements, and Decor
Go through each room and make sure a clear purpose and flow are present. Keep personalized touches out of the picture. You want buyers to visualize their future in your house, so it would be best to choose gender-neutral colors and house decor. Rearrange your furniture regularly to show the full potential of each room offers. Pulling furniture away from the walls also creates that flow and space that buyers are looking for in a staged home.

6. Showing Off Your Back Patio
Your back patio or space, either small or large, can be the focus for gatherings and outside fun. The combination of a gas fire pit and comfortable patio furniture adds a relaxing atmosphere that all can enjoy. Help your buyer imagine themselves already living there and how they might entertain in that space.

Try to remember, when staging your home for a sale, less may be more. Don’t try to over clutter or overthink it. Keeping everything clean with a nice flow will be the best way to showcase your home.