5 Tips to Bathroom Staging

When staging your home, the bathroom may be overlooked in the aspect to be prepared for viewing. Staging bathrooms are just as important if not more than important than any other room throughout your home. Because the bathroom is the one single place where a person can relax with little interruption, it should resemble something to the effect of a private spa atmosphere with the luxurious hotel bathroom look. Here are a few things to take into account to make your bathroom ready for the sale.

  1. Cleanliness

Cleanliness is one of the first details a person will notice when entering in any room. It can almost be felt in the air. A few seconds glance in the room is all a person needs to decide if they like it or not. The look, the feel, the smell are all held to account in a split second. So why not ensure the best experience for all the buyer senses.

The best way to capture the spa atmosphere is a deep scrubbing in all the hard to reach places from top to bottom. Tile grout, shower corners, bathtub edges, and sealed seams, there should be no surface untouched.

Ever noticed that your bathroom is darker almost like the light has a dimmer? It’s not your bulb going out; it is most likely your light fixture cover full of dust and bugs. Over time small insects find the way into the cover while dust adheres to the outside surface. A quick cleaning should brighten things up.

The exhaust vent cover is another hot spot as well. Over time the vent cover will collect with dust and floating lent restricting the airflow which could allow for smells or moister to linger. Resulting bacteria growth.

Showers, tubs, sink faucets and handles have the natural, appealing shine that is expected in bathrooms. Polishing the chrome surfaces will bring new life to older faucets and drains.

  1. Hide your Personals

Clear the surfaces of counters and ledges of products and undesirables. There is no need to embarrass the buyer or yourself by leaving your goods out for all to see.  Items like toothpaste, toothbrush, makeup, grooming appliances, lady items, man items and reading material should be stowed. Use your storage space in the bathroom the best you can to show that you’re not afraid of your bathrooms potential.

  1. Themed Bathrooms

When choosing your theme, mellow neutral tones are best to give the room a more open look. Establishing a theme in your bathroom will not only to keep you on track with decorating but also to provide the space with a unique wholesome appeal. Remember to keep your personal touches out and always keep it simple. There is no reason to clutter your clean bathroom with treasures and nick-nacks.

  1. Decor

Adding a picture or two on the walls to fill space following the theme is a nice touch. The use of a soap dispenser near the sink with a matching towel, floor mats, shower curtain and small vegetation could complete your picture-perfect bathroom.

  1. Consideration Replacing

If some items cannot be fixed, then it might be time to replace things with past trends. Towels hanger, toilet paper holder or leaking faucets are an easy fix with low costs. The small upgrades add the little details that are noticed.


The bathroom is usually the smallest space that displays the greatest amount of details. Taking the time to expose your bathrooms potential to the buyer is imperative. Even if the buyer often would just glance through the door, they are taking all the little details into account.