Shower Types to Consider when Home Staging in Santa Fe

The shower is often the focal point of any well designed bathroom and when home staging in Santa Fe there are several options available. They range from seamless and sectional where combinations, different surface materials and contemporary styling can turn the shower into one must-have feature for both function and appearance.

Here are a few suggestions to consider when home staging in Santa Fe:

1 - The Easy Entrance Shower

Typically the average shower, if it is not part of a tub/shower combination, has a six inch curb that must be stepped over as you enter the shower stall. For easier access, especially for family members with mobility issues, consider a 4-inch threshold or a curb less style. The latter is ideal to address users in a wheelchair or for a funky new spin on the shower design.

2 - The Combo Space Saver

Smaller bathrooms that lack a lot of extra space are the perfect place for a tub/shower combo. This gives you the best of two bathing options in the same footprint of a regular sized bathtub. These are extremely common and can be configured to fit anywhere in the bathroom floor plan and are usually on an outside wall. This allows the option of windows for natural light.

3 - The Outside Shower

Let's face it, if you live in Santa Fe you very likely have a large outdoor living area that extends from your home. One way to keep the bathroom from getting too crowded with fixtures is to have an outdoor shower stall. We're not talking about the one next to the pool, either. There are many materials than can be used to create a stunning, and private, outdoor shower.

4 - The Seated Shower

Although designed primarily for those with mobility issues or have difficulty standing for periods of time, an enclosed seated shower takes up little space and provides a safe and comfortable alternative. Designs vary but usually they include a curb less or low threshold, molded seating and close up completely to prevent falls and spills.

Home Staging Shower Types In Santa Fe

The finishing touch to any shower is the extras including colors, shelving, grab bars, handheld shower heads and much more. Whatever your plans are for home staging in Santa Fe, Showhomes can be of service. They can help you put the right look on your shower enhancing the value of your home prior to listing. Contact Showhomes Santa Fe today for details.