Picking A Color For Your Bathroom

Do you have any idea how much time you spend in the bathroom? When it comes to home staging in Santa Fe the bathroom is one space that does not get neglected. It's because of how often we use the bathroom that the proper color choice can create a room that is pleasant and bright making it a welcome space. For some inspiration on how to get rid of the dull, boring look of your bathroom and injecting some life, check out these practical color tips:


1 - Go Green


Green is the color of life outside of the home and figures prominently when plants and trees are used to add to any kind of room. In the case of home staging in Santa Fe a splash of green in a bathroom brings a natural, eco-friendly feel to the setting.


2 - Black Out


Black in a bathroom is considered bold. In fact, with this as the primary color of your bathroom from countertop to tile to walls, ceiling and floor, you can use white as a trim or accent color to bring everything together.


3 - The Purple Blues


Pastel colors in blues and purples are returning to bathrooms. It is a perfect choice for creating a spa-like atmosphere and the calming effect that blues generally have on us makes it a good choice for the bathroom. Need to relax in a tub of hot water? Surround yourself with blue on the walls and tiles and you will feel stress pouring off of you.


4 - Not So Mellow Yellow


Nothing brightens a bathroom more than the light that comes from golden yellow tones. The brighter the room, the more lively you will feel and will want to launch into your day with renewed energy.


5 - Olympic Fever


Metal colors including gold, silver and bronze are making bathrooms look spectacular when used on more than just the fixtures. Offsetting these shades with complementary colors produce a royal effect without the expense and are a favorite home staging in Santa Fe option.


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