Bedroom Lighting Ideas for Home Staging in Santa Fe

Bedroom Lighting Ideas Santa Fe

When it comes to bedroom lighting, home staging in Santa Fe can become a challenge. However, with these helpful tips you will be able to create the look of elegance in a bedroom just by using different lighting features.

The First Steps

Before selecting lights for the bedroom you need to do some homework. This includes considering the size of the room and the placement of furniture. The outlet locations in the bedroom will also provide you with design options.

As bedrooms have lower ceilings, scale is important. This means that lighting fixtures that are on shorter bodies are the best choice followed by flush-mounted fixtures. Keep in mind that you will be lighting the bedroom primarily for reading and dressing purposes.

The way you use your bedroom in Santa Fe will have an effect on lighting. A computer desk or sewing machine will require direct lighting while a reading corner will only need softer options. This also means lamp shades should not be used as they can darken a bedroom.

The Next Steps

When home staging in Santa Fe with bedroom lighting, location is the main factor. This means lighting should not be installed on the ceiling but is more effective when at eye level and softer in tone. This also provides better coverage reaching into corners of a room.

Plus, do not leave all the lighting work to a single source. Multiple lighting sources allow you to create layers of light for different tasks within the room. When home staging in Santa Fe, this is a general rule of thumb.

In addition to creating various layers of light with more than one light source, mood enhancing is vital and dimmers are the best for this. Soft or colored light bulbs can assist with setting a mood and high tech lighting controls give you complete control over what lights are on and how bright.

The Final Steps

Now that you have taken care of bedroom lighting, what about the areas attached to the room? If you have a walk-in closet or small storage closet they also need light to function their best. Closet lights come in different styles but fluorescent are best for brightness and cost effectiveness.

Let Showhomes Light Up Your Bedroom

For more information on home staging in Santa Fe, contact Showhomes. Our lighting professionals will be able to assist you in creating the perfect bedroom setting with light fixtures and features that will enhance the room – making your home increase in value. Call Showhomes today for assistance before you list your home for sale.