Bedding Style Ideas

There are many ways to add a unique style to your bedroom with the right selection of bedding. When home staging in Santa Fe the combinations are plentiful and can create not only a mood enhancing setting, but can turn the bedroom into a visual treat to the eyes. Here are a few ideas to get you inspired to take a new look at the bedding style you are currently using:


1 - Matching The Furniture


To achieve a neat and contemporary look, try to mimic the lines of furniture already in the bedroom. Keep your choices restricted to no more than two contrasting pattern designs and possibly a single solid color. For example, pinstripe bedding can be partnered with solid pillows and a different pattern on the duvet.


2 - Keep Your Cool


Working with a single color palette is a great idea if you decide to use various cool colors in a combination. Home staging in Santa Fe with this method produces a relaxing mood when soft blue and white are matched with accents of plum and even black.


3 - Break The Pattern


Sometimes using a dynamic pattern print is the best way to pull design into a bedroom that is otherwise dull and dreary. Possibilities come from bright colors such as orange with blue accents and patterns including non-traditional circle and dot designs.


4 - Groovy, Man!


The psychedelic inspired color combinations and patterns of the 1970s can bring a great deal of life to a bedroom. This kind of retro bedding design is best accented with layers of pillows which also becomes part of the palette and help to reinforce the overall color scheme.


5 - Pillow Fight


Speaking of pillows, they can be the main foundation of a color scheme when home staging in Santa Fe. Layers of them can draw color from the headboard down to the floor and it can be accomplished with various tones, patterns and designs. Tossing in some solid colors add to the overall visual impact by offsetting everything else.


Give Showhomes A Call


Add personality to your bedroom with bedding that speaks louder and says more than you can about the setting. When home staging in Santa Fe the experts at Showhomes can provide you with the professional advice you need to make the bedroom stand out. With a powerful look your bedroom will bring you added value when preparing your property to be listed on the market. Call Showhomes today for assistance.