Bathroom Tiles to Make Your Home More Appealing for Home Staging in Santa Fe

Renovating the bathroom can transform it into a very different space and this is important when home staging in Santa Fe. Thanks to so many different types and styles of tile available, a bathroom can become a smaller version of a spa, cottage getaway or even a modern and unique theme room that takes you away from the rest of the house once the door closes. This is achieved when you look at the bathroom as a place for relaxation.

You can create a completely different looking bathroom by using your imagination and by trying different combinations. The combinations can come from different sizes or shapes of tiles as well as different textures. For example, porcelain tiles that look like wood could cover the floor as an accent. Large porcelain tile with a stone look can be used elsewhere in the same bathroom as you build what looks like anything but a bathroom.

Tiles come in many different patterns and are no longer single color or with geometric prints. Tiles have prints and textures making them appear to be made of different materials. With the use of multiple sizes, you can create amazing visuals that can turn your bathroom into a home staging in Santa Fe masterpiece. One way to do this is to mix neutral tiles with small glass mosaic tiles which will give any design added depth.

Tiles with a stained finish bring a natural element into a design or use with tile that looks like hardwood floors to create a stylish look without the maintenance. Whatever your tile choice is in pattern or design, you must remember you are renovating a bathroom. When home staging in Santa Fe, the one thing you must not ignore with a bathroom makeover is that whatever product you use, it has to be water resistant. Ceramic and porcelain will work best for this.

If you happen to have a small bathroom, one great renovation trick is to use the same color on the floor as you do on the walls. This gives you a large canvas to create various patterns using different textures on the walls than on the floor, but still staying in the same color range. The finished product should always be stylish and since you will be using tile, whatever you create in your relaxation room is sure to be durable.

Contact the Home Staging in Santa Fe Experts

Whether you are doing a complete renovation or just changing the look of your bathroom with some tile accents, contact ShowHomes for assistance. The home staging in Santa Fe professionals on staff will be able to assist you in bringing new life to your bathroom which will increase your return and create a space that will stand out when you list your home.