Home Office Desks Styles in Santa Fe

Home staging in Santa Fe also extends to your home office. With the current trend of outsourcing to remote workers and an increase in the number of home-based businesses, entrepreneurs need an efficient space to run their business inside their home. Usually it starts with a tabletop in a corner of a room and eventually spreads out to the point that a spare bedroom becomes an office. With this in mind, here are a few great home office desk ideas.

1 – Wooden Desks

Considered a classic, there is nothing better than a traditional wooden desk. For a simple, uncomplicated home office one of these combined with a wheeled desk chair is all you need. If you have a window you can put the desk in front of, you are set to get to business with a view. Drawers in a wooden desk tend to be deep which provides plenty of storage.

2 – Computer Desks

These are more contemporary in styling and lightweight allowing for placement wherever needed. Like wooden desks a computer desk will have deep drawers to hold a lot of files, paper and accessories as well as have a tabletop designed for a computer work station. All you need to add is a task light such as a long neck lamp that can be bent into position for maximum lighting.

3 – L-Shaped Desks

Using an L-shaped desk in your Santa Fe home office makes good sense if you need a lot of desk space without taking up a lot of office space. The benefits to an L-shaped desk are that everything is within arm’s reach and there will be a lot of drawer space for storage. The desk top provides room for a computer on one side and still space to work away from the computer. Table lamps and an overhead light would be best for full illumination of the home office desk.

4 – Different Material Desks

If wood is not your choice for a traditional office desk when home staging in Santa Fe, there are many other options. Depending on the size and volume of work your home office will be used for, you may want to look at marble for the desk top or stainless steel. Both make bold statements and lend themselves to setting the foundation for the rest of the design of the home office. The other side of the coin is a glass top desk which gives off a stylish vibe or an all acrylic desk which makes the desk virtually disappear into the workspace.

5 – Different Color Desks

A great way to liven up your home office workspace in Santa Fe is by using a brightly colored desk. Just about any color will do from yellow and orange to blue and green. When you add a colored desk to your office it brings an air of enthusiasm and makes the workspace cheerful. This is especially true if you entertain clients in your home office.

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