Staging the Bathroom in Santa Fe - 4 Quick Tips

Bathroom Staging In Santa Fe

Before you start your bathroom updating in Santa Fe renovation you will need to go over your required materials list. There will be a few items that may need to be pre-ordered and that’s okay. The last thing you will want to do with a bathroom makeover is get started and have to stop for days waiting for a fixture to arrive. With part of your bathroom ‘under construction’ this can be a rather noticeable inconvenience so it is best to be prepared before you start any kind of work.

Four Best Bathroom Staging in Santa Fe Tips

You could spend thousands and thousands of dollars with a bathroom renovation but you don’t have to. There are a number of easy, affordable ways to add a touch of class or pizzazz to your bathroom without breaking the bank. They include the following:

1 – Check Out The Curves

Did you know that you can actually add space to your shower without rebuilding the stall? All you need to do is spend a few bucks, under $30, on a curved shower curtain rod. Oddly enough this will increase the size of the showering space and give the area a bit of an interesting feature that does not come with a regular straight rod.

2 – Run For The Border

A few bathroom tiles and a touch of creativity will add some interesting accents to your bathroom updating in Santa Fe. All you need is tiles with a contrasting color or unusual texture or pattern in order to make this simple renovation come to life. Use the tiles, or parts of them, along a border or within the shower stall to give some interesting visual twists to the existing area. It’s an inexpensive makeover that will bring attention to the shower.

3 – Flick of The Switch

Have you ever noticed that the average hardware store lighting department is almost as big as the paint department? There is a good reason for this and it has everything to do with putting some new bright lights in your bathroom – or any room in your house for that matter. Experiment with new, unusual, odd and funky combinations of lights and fixtures to add character to your bathroom renovation. Just remember to keep in mind you will want to have specific task lighting locations to keep everyone who uses the bathroom happy.

4 – When In Doubt, Be The Wall

Bathroom makeovers are successful when they convert what was there into something new and eye catching. One great way to create eye candy as part of the bathroom staging in Santa Fe project you are working on is to do something about the wall treatment. This simply means a new paint job, textured wall paper or other new surface treatment. When considering this renovation it is always a good idea to go as far away from what color(s) are already in use to create a stunning, new and fresh look.

And Another Thing…

Even the good do-it-yourselfers will sometimes pass on tackling a bathroom makeover job. It’s never a bad idea to turn to an expert on a project that may be just out of your tolerance level. That’s where Showhomes can help. Bathroom updating in Santa Fe projects are nothing new to them. If you are not sure you can pull it off, give the crew at Showhomes a call.