Bedroom Lighting In Santa Fe

Bedroom lighting in your Santa Fe home is a serious matter. As the typical bedroom is also used for relaxing, dressing and reading chances are that it is not properly lit for these additional tasks and functions. This is why it is important to use different layers of lighting in the bedroom to accomplish these activities.

1 – From The Ceiling Down

Bedroom lighting in Santa Fe requires a form of overhead ambient lighting. However, that main light can be in a ceiling fan, which adds more function or a chandelier to add a striking visual focal point to the bedroom. Other good choices for overhead lighting include a large or drum pendant or a semi-flush mount light.

What you have to keep in mind with the overhead layer of lighting in your bedroom is that the fixture has to produce a soft glow that is soothing. It also has to provide good quality illumination for the entire room. To keep the amount of lighting under control and to assist with mood setting, be sure to have a dimmer switch.

2 – Task Lighting

In your Santa Fe bedroom you will require bedside lighting for such things as reading and dressing. Table lamps are a typical choice but wall lamps are an even more effective way of providing task lighting as many are designed with goosenecks or swing arms to better direct illumination where it is needed.

Wall lamps also eliminate the risk of tripping on cords. Sconces that are mounted directly to walls are another great choice for additional lighting in a bedroom. They can be used to brighten up vanities, dressing tables and reading desks. They also are available in various designs which make them an excellent decorative feature.

3 – Accent Lighting

The final layer of bedroom lighting to consider in your Santa Fe home is used to accentuate any special features in the space. This can be a picture light to bring attention to art work, track lighting for features along a wall or under cabinet lighting for effect or to display an additional special piece in the bedroom.

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