How to Upgrade Your Patio or Deck in Santa Fe

When home staging in Santa Fe one of the areas you must not forget is the outdoor living space. There are many ways to expand your living space outside the four walls that make up your home. The most popular choices for this are the extra room that can be created by a patio or deck. But which do you choose?

Patio or Deck

The size of your home and the amount of property around your home will help to determine whether or not your best fit would be a patio or deck. Patios are great choices for smaller yards as they take up less space but provide extra outdoor living space. Decks, on the other hand, are constructed on a raised surface to provide additional floor space from the home.

Covered or Uncovered

Before you begin your deck or patio upgrading in Santa Fe you must determine which of the two main styles you are considering for your home. The two choices for patio/deck upgrading in Santa Fe are covered or uncovered with many different styles to choose from under either choice. Each has advantages and disadvantages, related specifically to the location and space being used.

Patio Materials and Ideas

Home staging in Santa Fe with a patio is easier with the right design. The fact that they are outdoors and often uncovered, a strong and durable material is needed. Brick, stone and cement are all common choices. Stone can be cut into different sizes and shapes as are pavers. Patterns that the shapes create allow for a lot of creativity. They also come in many different colors.

Wood is another popular choice for patio upgrading in Santa Fe. The wood used should be treated so that is does not get damaged by the elements. Various stains and paints are made just for patios and decks which would provide a touch of flare to your project. If you decide to keep your patio open, large umbrellas or covers can be used when entertaining and stored away when not.

Deck Materials and Ideas

Decks are typically constructed from wood, plastic or synthetic materials. The type of material and space available will determine size and style. A veranda style is a deck that is covered and runs along the side of a house. These can wrap around two or more sides of a house. There are large decks that extend out from one wall of a house and connect to smaller, multi-level decks.

Your deck upgrading in Santa Fe could be even a deck that is attached to a gazebo allowing for a lot of extra space for enjoying yourself or for entertaining many people. A portion of a deck may also feature a screened in porch that can be accessed by an adjoining deck. A deck can come off of the master bedroom and be a private little extension of that portion of the home.

Decks and Patios Have Value When Home Staging in Santa Fe

Never underestimate the value of a deck or patio upgrading in Santa Fe. Not only do they enhance your lifestyle and level of enjoyment at home, they enhance the value of your property. The one thing to keep in mind about patios and decks is that since they are outdoor features, they require a certain amount of maintenance to keep them looking their best.

In fact, this should be the first thing to consider before starting a patio or deck project – will you be able to properly maintain one? For assistance in choosing the right design and materials for your home, climate and property size, turn to an expert. Contact Showhomes for all your home staging in Santa Fe requirements.