Showhomes Thanksgiving Table Setting Tips!

With this year's shutdown limiting us to gather in large numbers as much as we'd all love to, keep it simple & sweet with your immediate family and/or spouse!

And it's also a perfect time to make this Thanksgiving more unique & festive than ever!! Below are some tips for inspiration!
  • Try decorating the table with natural items straight from your backyard or a hike - Nature provides a wonderful color palette, such as a sprig of juniper berries paired up with a navy blue napkin (be sure to cut greenery on the morning of Thanksgiving, so they stay fresh & aromatic)! Your decor colors & items don't have to be traditional - have fun mixing it up with rich hues of navy, cranberry, mustard yellow, eggplant purple and/or pops of creamy white! IDEAS: big leaves scattered on the table, rosemary bunches from your neighbor's yard, pinon cones, river rocks, and more!
  • Allow your kids to decorate the table as they want to for extra fun - cover the table with white or brown packing paper (make sure it's taped down well to prevent sliding!) and draw names, plate settings & other fun stuff on it! BONUS: all you have to do is throw away the paper afterwards - no washing out dreaded tablecloth stains! 
  • Create a dazzling centerpiece with a showy tree branch in a vase, flowers, greenery or pumpkins! Use tealights and/or pretty metal candlesticks around it to make it more warm.
  • Don't overload the table with large food dishes - keep them on a side buffet table or nearby countertop. Only keep essentials, such as salt & pepper shakers and small gravy bowls! 
  • Consider going for a non-traditional Thanksgiving dinner, such as seafood-themed dishes, or ordering out from our local restaurants, if you normally do the cooking for a refreshing change! 
Stay safe & enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday!