4 Tips for Staging Your Living Room in Santa Fe

Living Room Staging in Santa Fe

 The living room is central to the function of any family home. This is why living room staging is so crucial – the one room where most everyone gathers either individually or as a group to relax and unwind is typically the living room. It can be host to groups being entertained or the quiet place for soft music and a good book while curled up next to the fireplace.

 This is why staging the living room can be such a challenge. The goal is to produce a warm and inviting atmosphere which translates into leaving the right impression when an open house is being hosted at your home. You are trying to give potential buyers a sneak peek into the room that holds the rest of the house together with enough mystery that they can see themselves using it. Here are our top tips to help with living room staging in Santa Fe:

 1 – Change The Flooring

 Even if you don’t have the budget to do a complete floor makeover, changing the living room flooring will do a lot with the impression it will make. Home staging the living room with a new floor, or one that looks new, will be attractive to new buyers. If you can replace the existing floor, a new hardwood treatment will do wonders with offers.

 New hardwood flooring is not always the answer, either. But something that looks new is. If the existing floor is wood a new sanding will give it a fresh look. If the living room has carpet, remove it to reveal wood underneath. Even if the floor is a vinyl covering a power washing and vigorous scrubbing can make it look new and expensive.

 2 – Create The Right Mood

 The imagination can do a lot of interesting things and when you are living room staging this is one item that can work in your favor. This can be assisted by small touches such as a vase of freshly cut flowers on a table and a plate of fresh made goodies. These extras work to present a warm, homey feel to the living room and home.

 It also presents some of the familiar ‘home scents’ into the picture which can trigger happy memories for more than one potential buyer. The balance here is to not overpower the room with powerful air fresheners or too many scented candles. The message you want to send is inviting and not one that appears to be you trying to hide unpleasant smells.

 3 – Reduce Your Personal Stamp

 When staging the living room it will require that all of your personal effects are removed and stored away from the area. The reason is that you have put a lot of effort into putting your personal stamp in the room and as such, it says everything about you and not a potential buyer. This means records, books, magazines, photos and DVDs should be removed.

 In order to make a living room more attractive to a buyer, you have to give them a clean enough palette to let their imagination go to work. With your family photos on display, this prevents a visitor to your space from imagining their touches in the room. You may have the best record collection but you don’t want that to prevent a buyer from seeing the room as potentially theirs.

 4 – Update the Furniture

 When living room staging in Santa Fe one of the key components is the furniture. The wrong combination in the wrong size or style can send the wrong message and lose an offer or two. It is also important to keep things in perspective. If the furniture is too big it makes the living room appear small and may also hide key features.

 If a change of furniture is in your budget it is wise to choose neutral tones and contemporary styling. The items you choose need not be expensive but they need to look as if they are. Words to keep in mind when looking for new furniture for living room staging should be nice, new, inviting and attractive. Stay away from trendy and opt for comfort.

 Last Words on Home Staging the Living Room

 Because the living room can have a significant personal connection to home owners, it is important to remove all signs of yours when selling your home. Potential buyers need to have an attractive but not distractive living room to envision as their own. This is where Showhomes can help by assisting you with the staging of the living room in your home.