Are you selling a vacant house in Santa Fe that needs home staging services? If so, a home staging manager may be the choice for you! Showhomes offers staging management services that exclusively tailor to your unoccupied house to make it look inviting, maintained, and in top condition.

    Home staging managers will not only transform your high-end, vacant house by furnishing, cleaning, and maintaining it, but by living in it and giving it the warm feeling of a home!

    What is a staging manager?

    A home staging manager can be one person, a couple, or a family who lives in a vacant house that is for sale. Staging managers are temporary tenants who live in a house that they temporarily move into and decorate with their own furniture and belongings. In exchange for keeping the house clean and ready to show, they pay less in monthly fees.

    Home Managers are professionals who are:
    • Relocating, and are looking to familiarize with an area
    • In need of temporary housing due to renovation or personal reasons
    • Trying to reduce living expenses without giving up their current standard of living
    • Looking for flexible, short-term agreements

    Home managers have:
    •  Good quality furniture that is clean and presentable
    •  Professional skills in staging and home maintenance

    What does staging management mean for me?

    A home staging manager means constant, inside-and-out care and attention to your vacant house as it's shown and sold on the Santa Fe market. At a fraction of traditional staging costs, you'll pay less in carrying costs, and you also won't pay for the services you receive through Showhomes until you close on your sold house.

    Statistically, a house that is being taken care of and temporarily occupied by a staging manager sells faster than a vacant house. Showhomes also provides up to $5,000,000 in insurance coverage, givin

    Home staging is a strategic method of increasing a house's value and making it more marketable and desirable. Showhomes of Santa Fe not only prepares houses for real estate buyers, but also creates the most sought-after houses on the market.

    A house with thoughtfulness in its layout, design, and upkeep will sell faster than houses whose owners put little time and effort into them. When you stage a home in Santa Fe and create a clean, spacious, and immaculate appearance, the value of your home increases in the eyes of buyers in the region.

    Home staging in Santa Fe is something all homeowners need to consider when putting their houses up for sale. Every homeowner wants their house to show and appeal to a variety of buyers so that they have better chances of making more money in return investments. But homeowners who don't stage their house are more likely to not see high numbers of showings, a variety of real estate clientele, nor profitable offers.

    Today's real estate market has improved significantly and is now a highly competitive marketplace with diverse populations of buyers. When shopping for homes, buyers not only have a selection of houses to choose from, but also have more freedom in setting prices.

    Out of all the houses on the market, vacant houses seem less valuable, from a real estate point of view. Since no one clearly lives in a vacant house, they perceive the owner to be more desperate to sell. Vacant houses are valued less than staged homes, and as a result, they don't sell fast, and typically receive "low-ball" offers. Statistics show that staged houses sell faster, for better offers, and that vacant homes do not.

    Presentation will always be a major contributing factor in one's decision to purchase a house. Home staging in Santa Fe gives you a competitive edge over other houses in the area by increasing the value of your home over that of vacant homes.

    Showhomes of Santa Fe offers a variety of transform

    Showhomes offers the most knowledgeable staff in the real estate industry, sporting agents who have helped with home makeovers in Santa Fe for the last 25 years. Whether you're selling your house or are tired of looking at the same, stale designs of your current home, Showhomes is ready to assist you with their talented team of home experts based in the Santa Fe region.

    Why a home makeover?

    Having an immaculate and well-designed presentation makes your home more competitive in the growing real estate market. Homeowners who conduct home makeovers create the most optimal condition for their home, which, in turn, helps the home sell at premium prices, allowing for the best possible return on investment.

    Home stagers will help you find the best colors that enhance lighting and appearance, and they will pinpoint which rooms need the most attention. They will tell you which home improvement projects you need to do, and how to do them without breaking your budget. They will get your home in the best possible condition, regardless if you're selling or staying.

    Home makeovers for current homeowners

    Are you currently surrounded by outdated designs that bore or frustrate you? Does your home simply need a refreshing and improved appearance? There is a plethora of home makeover shows and websites that are helpful and informative; but as wonderful as these sources are, they can't tell you what your home needs on a personal level.

    Showhomes is not only a leading home staging company in Santa Fe, but is comprised of an educated team of designers who will be able to show you which colors your home needs, how to make your home appear brighter, and which furniture you should salvage or toss away.

    Our team offers full service home makeovers, DIY makeovers, and full or partial design services.

    Home makeovers for homeowners trying to sell

    Are you trying to sell a home in outdated condition? Do yo

    Renovating the house you're selling can seem wasteful, but home updating in Santa Fe is necessary if you want the best offer made on your house. Showhomes of Santa Fe can help increase the value of your home and get the most money in return investments.

    Updating a house may feel pointless if you're about to move out, but you'll receive a lower number of offers - at even lower prices - if you don't. People simply don't want to move into a house that requires them to invest a lot of time and money into renovations.

    Home updating in Santa Fe through Showhomes will not only help you clean, declutter, and give your home the TLC it needs, but our team will also show you how to go about large renovation projects in a cost-effective manner.

    When it's time to put up your home on the market, getting your house in top condition will increase its value and appeal to the majority of real estate buyers in Santa Fe.

    Home Updating Services

    Painting with our Exclusive Color Palette
    The color of a room not only determines brightness, but how well others perceive room itself. While certain colors appeal to us, they don't always appeal to everyone. When you're selling a house, you want it to appeal to the widest possible range of home buyers. Whether you have a bright red kitchen or a pink bathroom, or your walls are dull and washed out, a revamp of neutral colors is exactly the project your home needs to please a large audience of home buyers.

    Our team of home updating professionals in Santa Fe will help you select from a range of neutrals featured in our Exclusive Color Palette. Home buyers will not only love the colors of your home, but you will, too. A home updating consultation with Showhomes in Santa Fe will get you connected with a colors expert who will increase the value of your home with the simplicity of a change in color!

    Replacing old carpeting
    Outdated and worn carpeting makes home buyers






Luxury living is no longer for the rich and famous.

Live Large. Spend Small. Be a Showhomes Executive Home Manager. Our Signature Service.

As a Showhomes Executive Home Manager you enjoy the good life for less, living in and maintaining a luxury home in show-to-sell condition. Your style and fine furniture add value to an upscale home on the market while you save a bundle-up to half of what it would normally cost to live in the house-with no long term lease obligation.





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  • What is home staging?
    When a home is "staged", it's furnished and decorated in a way that's carefully designed to maximize the home's appeal to prospective buyers.
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We would be delighted to put our real estate savvy and the Showhomes proven business model to work for you. Whether you are a homeowner, realtor, developer or prospective home manager, we have the services and resources you need. The Showhomes team includes experts in marketing luxury properties, staging homes for maximum impact, placing and training home managers and helping homeowners get the most value.

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