ABOUT E-Design

E-design San Diego is an easy and convenient way to update your home.

Showhomes San Diego offers inspiration, expert sourcing, and design expertise. We create a plan for home updates and present it to you in a detailed room plan to help you make the most of your space. Our plans include links to purchase products at a fraction of the cost of a full-service design.

Our team of experienced designers works with homeowners to create an online mood board. You’ll get to pick and choose your furnishings and other updates to create the perfect space.

Once the plan is complete, you can order directly from the links and have the items shipped directly from our warehouse to your home. You’ll even have the option of having our team help you install your updates.

E-Design in San Diego provides designers with the technology needed to make updates as conveniently as possible.

The benefits of e-design include:

Convenience: This is one of the most convenient options you have for updating your home. It works even for homeowners who are too busy to deal with a traditional re-design.
Speed: Our e-design model is fast and efficient.
Affordability: You’ll save by using e-design because it keeps costs lower than the traditional design approach.

Whether your goal is to create an updated space for you and your family or to improve the chances you’ll get the highest price with a fast sale, e-design in San Diego from Showhomes can help. Contact us to learn more.