The Highest Reccomendation

Fred Pierson, the local Showhomes representative professionally handled each step of the home staging process. From the initial meeting where Fred explained all the legal documents I knew he was a man truly concerned about the happiness of his clients and the success of his business. Throughout the process, from handling suggested repairs, staging, placing a home manager, arranging showings, and personally taking care of what could have a closing-stopping problem at the property, Fred did it all. I can not thank nor praise him enough. I had relocated hours away prior to the listing of the property and could be present to handle the many items that arise during a home sale. No matter what time of day, what day of the week I called, he was there for us. We felt as though we had a trusted friend to look after everything. While other homes sat on the market for 120-200 days, ours sold in less than sixty days for a price that was 9% higher than the city’s average price to tax value. Thank you, Showhomes, and thank you, Fred Pierson. You are indeed a friend.