Perfect Fit

Our experience with Showhomes Raleigh has been a lifesaver! We were making a major move from Minneapolis to Raleigh, NC. As I contemplated renting a 900 square foot townhouse outside the gates of Governor’s Club one Friday night, I was not energized at the thought of our family living in this tight, cramped space. In addition, signing a year long lease for this arrangement was not what I had planned for our relocation from Minnesota to North Carolina. We wanted flexibility in case we found our dream home immediately. In doing some research online, I uncovered Showhomes Raleigh…what a novel idea…relocatees bringing beautiful furniture to help stage a 3500 square foot home (one of many options on the website) in exchange for showing the house for sale on the market. I called Fred and liked him immediately…he was straightforward and had several home options for us not outside the gates but inside the gates of Governor’s Club. We could live in the community while deciding if it was right for our family. Showhomes Raleigh understood our situation and has been extremely supportive. We’ve had a beautiful home to live in and all the flexibility we needed to make our move to North Carolina smooth and wonderful. The lovely weather doesn’t hurt either! I would highly recommend this opportunity to become a House Manager with the program!