This is an unsolicited recommendation for Showhomes Raleigh. This is a tough market to sell a home. When we put our house on the market, we did so to take a job in another area. When leaving a property on the market and not able to address the day-to-day issues because of the distance, it is important to ensure that one has someone who monitors the home and keeps it staged so that prospective buyers will find the home appealing. Through Fred’s efforts, we were assured that potential buyers would find the home as charming as we found it when we lived there. Fred’s team ensured that the property was occupied, properly staged and presentable. When there were issues with the home, Fred contacted us immediately and helped coordinate a solution to the issue.

When asked, Fred provided an honest appraisal of the property and helped coordinate the needed services in a cost effective manner to ensure the home could be favorably viewed.

When it came time to close the property Showhomes’ attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship enabled a smooth closing. They handled the little details that have to be dealt with to complete the deal. His team moved the home manager out of the house, took care of modest repairs and did a thorough cleaning, which enabled the buyers the needed peace of mind.

We feel we were very fortunate to have had Showhomes Raleigh as part of the team assembled to sell the house and recommend their services without question. We know they enabled a smooth transition both at the beginning of the process and the cleanup needed to help complete the deal. 

Sincerely, Nelse and Claudia Grundvig