This is an unqualified and wholehearted affirmation of Showhomes Raleigh! The magic that Fred and Lorraine Pierson performed was simply amazing and helped us sell our home after traditional methods failed!

A little background: Over 3 years ago we moved out of the area and put our home up for sale. After trying unsuccessfully to sell it through the usual means (strike one), which included staging by an interior designer – but not Showhomes, we were forced to rent it for 2 years while the housing market continued to plummet. Then we decided to once again test the waters and put our home up for sale. And again, our results were dismal. Strike two.

So we searched for other creative options to help us market and sell our home. And we came upon Showhomes Raleigh! And WOW – what a difference! No strike three here, more like a grand slam! Before all the paperwork was even signed, Showhomes was on it! We were given an honest and insightful evaluation of our home, the market and the type of buyer that would purchase our home, as well as a plan to make it happen. They placed the best home manager possible with our house with the absolute perfect furniture to show off its elegance. The home manager always kept the house immaculate and show-ready, even when people called from the driveway. Showhomes was proactive was the start – they took care of the landscaping and found us excellent painters who freshened up some rooms for us. Their resources included plumbers, electricians and handymen to take care of lots of issues that were niggling to us, but important to the potential buyers. Being out-of-state, this was an enormous relief to us! When we received feedback from potential buyers, Showhomes brought issues to our attention with ways to redress the problems! When a last minute roofing issue popped up, Showhomes had a roofer working on the job within days! Even if we had been living in proximity, there was no way we could have handled matters with as much efficiency and professionalism as Showhomes! As the sale was finalized, Showhomes helped with the punch list and deep-cleaned the home so that the proud new owners could simply move in with absolutely no worries! They even stored some of our possessions for us until we could conveniently pick them up. We couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Showhomes helped us find a buyer in 3 months, after traditional methods failed for over a year. Through it all, working with Showhomes was one of the easiest and best business decisions we have ever made! Whenever the time comes to move again, we know where we’ll turn first – Showhomes!

With kind and very happy regards,

Jo Ann Lata and Tim Turner