Services Offered By Showhomes Raleigh

Showhomes Raleigh has been the Triangle’s premier home staging service since 2009, but you may not know about the other services we offer.

While staging listed homes is our number one service, we’ve also successfully dived into other design services! So many clients of ours aren’t aware of the additional services we offer outside of home staging – so allow us to break them down for you today!

Home Updates

Most sellers don’t want to spend additional money to get their homes ready to sell. However, most buyers want a move-in-ready house with updated paint and flooring. In addition, many buyers will see walls that need painted or a countertop that needs updating and just think about the dollar amount associated with it. 

To avoid missing out on buyers who may otherwise love the home while also increasing the value, we can help you with the essential updates. We work with the Triangle’s top Realtors and know what appeals to the broadest base of buyers and which updates will impact your home’s value.

Getting ready to move is stressful enough, so many sellers avoid this, leaving money and time on the table. But instead of hiring several different professionals to handle the updates, they can just hire one – Showhomes! We act as the project managers and designers, sourcing the best quality for the seller’s home and budget, managing the installation from beginning to end, and ensuring a completed project. 

Simply said, we handle the update and take the stress out of the process while the homeowner gets a polished home primed to sell for top dollar!

Interior Design

We think our staging is pretty great – and so do many buyers! Over the years, we’ve had an influx of buyers who’ve wanted their home to look just like a showhome after they’ve boughten it and moved it. That’s why we’ve started offering our interior designer services!

Sometimes all it takes is an extra set of eyes and a vision for a new layout to really help transform a house into a home. Showhomes design consultations give you access to our experienced design team, who will evaluate your home and provide you with a comprehensive plan for staging and updating your space, complete with recommendations on furniture, color schemes, layout, and more. 


So whether homeowners need a house rehab, interior design restyle, home update for selling, or want help styling their home after move-in, Showhomes Raleigh is the one-stop shop answer!