How Home Staging Can Benefit Any Home!

Every home has its quirks, whether it is a new build or a hundred-year-old home. There are going to be elements in every house that draw a buyer in; maybe it’s that inviting front porch, a colossal-sized closet, or a wall of built-in bookshelves. In the same respect, there are going to be things that turn a seller off. Maybe it’s an awkward-shaped room or quirky features that don’t stand out in the best way.

Either way, a home will benefit from staging. Why? When a home is expertly staged, a buyer can easily look past any design quirks and see the full potential that the staging has highlighted. It’s no surprise that buyers are more likely to make an offer for a home that they have an emotional reaction to. But don’t just take it from us; in a 2021 survey by the Real Estate Staging Association of 4,600 properties, homes that were staged sold on average $40k over list price and an average of 9 days faster than un-staged homes. That being said, If a buyer walks into a space and feels right at home, can visualize themselves easily in the space, and can see the potential for good design, that is a win for both parties!

And if you think that staging is “just decorating”, think again. Home Staging is applied market research on what makes your house feel like a buyer’s dream home. So when we stage a home at Showhomes, we not only highlight the home’s best features, making them shine, but we optimize the not-so-favorable ones too. We understand what buyers are looking for at the price point, in that neighborhood, and in that period of time. With the right decoration, a pleasing layout of furniture, polishing touches, and good timing, we can make any house feel like a home. The right home staging can help buyers understand the true value of your home and discover the potential that unfolds in every room of the house.

Last but not least, working with a home stager can help take the guesswork out of getting your home market ready. We can help suggest the right paint colors, quick updates, and even flooring changes that will make your home market ready for a top-dollar price point. Then on top of that, we can expertly stage your newly updated home to really get the most bang for your buck.
For home sellers who want a successful home sale without all the stress of making their home picture-perfect, allowing a home stager to take over can provide both a stress-free process and maximum final profits. 

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