The Power of Home Staging

Imagine this: you have to attend an event wherein you have to make an impression on the people around you. What do you do? Dress yourself up of course! You’d most likely choose an outfit you feel the most confident in, wear your best and most comfortable shoes and give yourself a good makeover to ensure your appearance is topnotch! 

The same thing goes for when you want to sell your homes or properties – you have to make sure they look the best to make a great impression to potential buyers. How do we do that? Through home staging of course!

Home Staging is the act of styling a property to enhance its appearance and increase its overall appeal to potential buyers. This can be done in empty houses or homes with furniture already in it. While the professionals will take care of staging certain rooms in your home, you as a homeowner can do certain things that would be of great help to them like decluttering, and maybe even power washing areas outside your house that need a little bit of TLC! Overall, these little efforts will not only help professional home stagers with moving around your house with a little bit more ease, but it will also help you sell your house faster.

To help paint a better picture of how home staging truly works, let us help you visualize through before and after photos from two different projects of ours! Each of these properties is unique compared to one another which is great for showing you how different styles can be staged.

Condo Unit Makeover

Starting things off with this condominium unit a homeowner was just itching to get rid of but for some reason, just couldn’t during a hot market. The homeowner’s realtor recommended us and on the first open house after staging generated two offers!

Here are the before photos of the unit:

Here are the after photos:

Home Makeover

Here’s another project we had. Try to spot the differences between the before and after photos!

Here are the before photos of this beautiful home:

Here are the after photos:

Functionally, there’s nothing wrong with how the rooms were before. Who’s to judge what works and what doesn’t in other people’s homes right? But, when you’re trying to sell a house, what works for you might not work for others – and that’s how home staging works. We add details that would turn rooms into something that is appealing to potential buyers and invokes thoughts like “This would be perfect for my home office” or “I’d love to come home to a living room like this after a long day of work.”

Notice how small changes gave such a world of difference? Adding trinkets and little touches like changing the sheets and fluffing up the pillows add to the appeal of the place. For example, adding sheets onto the bed of the condo unit that suited the color scheme of the room made the entire room look cleaner and sleeker. 

But, did you also notice how the absence of some of these things also elevated the look and feel of some of the rooms for the properties? Like the banners on the second property shown above. The absence of these banners gave the people something else to focus on in the room.

Ensuring that your properties have their best foot forward on photos and in person for all the open house events it will have gives it a good shot of getting offers or being sold as soon as possible. A good eye knows when to add and subtract certain elements from a room to make a better image, and Showhomes is here to be that for you!