Second Time’s the Charm

There are times in our life when we do things for the first time and beginner’s luck is on our side. This wasn’t the case for this vacant designer home. The homeowners had the house professionally staged in the hopes of selling the house fast. But their hopes of a quick turnout slowly crashed as they faced months of little activity and zero offers.

Dismayed, they opted to pull the house from the market for the holiday season. They then decided to relist the house with a new real estate team who recommended Showhomes to stage their home, and they pushed through with it. The Showhomes Portland team took the original designer’s intent and design into careful consideration when they staged the house.

When the house went back up on the market, the original listing price was $20,000 less than the previous year, but multiple offers drove up the price, and eventually, the house was sold for $50,000 more than the previous year’s list price!