Our tips on how to prepare your house before listing

If you are seriously considering putting your home on the market, we suggest that you implement the 3-D's; Declutter, De-Personalize and Deep Cleaning.

*Declutter - We all "collect" a lot of stuff when living in our homes.  We either get used to it or we ignore it.  When preparing your home, take the time to go through the papers and discard or file them away.  Find a spot in the garage, basement or storage unit to store the things you do not need while the home is on the market.

*De-Personalize - Remove personal items, such as, photographs and collectibles.  Prospective buyers do not need to know who lives in the home or what you own.  You do not want the things that you cherish to be accidentally broken.  Plus, it will be less that you will need to pack once the offer comes through.

*Deep Cleaning - Once you have done the first 2, do a deep clean throughout the home so that there are no spider webs, dead bugs, odors, etc.  

Try to eliminate anything that might distract prospective buyers from seeing the house as their home.