A Tale of Two Trees: Michelle’s Glitzy Wonderland vs. Eryn’s Rustic Retreat

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Hey there, design darlings! As the holiday season approaches, our creative spirits are buzzing with ideas to transform our homes into festive wonderlands. Today, let’s dive into the dazzling world of holiday tree decorating, each telling a unique story through the eyes of two fabulous designers: Michelle and Eryn.


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Michelle’s Glitzy Holiday Tree ✨

Picture this, glitter babes: a 7.5-ft pre-lit spruce tree as the canvas for Michelle’s Glitzy Holiday Tree masterpiece. This towering beauty becomes the focal point of any room, radiating glam vibes from top to bottom.

  • Gold Galore: The gold Christmas tree skirt (grab it here) is the perfect foundation, laying the groundwork for the opulence to come.
  • Glam Ornaments: Adorning the branches are gold Christmas ball ornaments (link) and the sultry Cranberry Merlot Christmas ball ornaments (link). Picture it: a symphony of sparkle and rich hues dancing in the twinkling lights.
  • Nature’s Touch: Michelle cleverly weaves in nature with Frosted Berry Stems (link), Gold Bay Leaves Picks (link), and Burgundy Red Gold Leaves Picks (link). It’s a balance of glitz and earthiness.
  • Luxurious Textures: Adding to the glam are Burgundy Hydrangea Stems (link) and a decadent Gold Bead Garland (link). Layer on the textures, darling!
  • Finishing Flourish: Top it off with Sparkling Gold Ribbon (link) and Old Gold Ribbon (link) cascading down like liquid gold.


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Eryn’s Rustic Holiday Tree 🌲

Now, let’s mosey over to Eryn’s cozy corner. Imagine a 7.5-ft Pre-Lit Aspen Tree (link) as the heart of her Rustic Holiday Tree, inviting everyone to experience the charm of a winter retreat.

  • Candlelit Warmth: Eryn embraces nostalgia with an ½ Inch Beeswax Candle Taper Bundle (link), casting a warm glow reminiscent of classic holiday traditions.
  • Woodland Whimsy: Picture Pinecone, Cinnamon, Orange Slice Ornaments (link), and Gingerbread Ornaments (link) nestled amongst the branches, creating a woodland wonderland.
  • Homemade Garland: Eryn goes DIY with a Cranberry and Popcorn Garland (link), a touch of handmade charm (well, sort of!)  that warms the heart.
  • Natural Elegance: Crowned with a Branch Rattan Christmas Star Tree Topper (link), this tree exudes rustic farmhouse elegance.
  • Handcrafted Comfort: Complete the look with Rustic Farmhouse Ball Ornaments (link) and an Ivory White Hand-Knitted Tree Skirt (link) for that handmade, cozy vibe.

In the grand tapestry of holiday design, Michelle’s Glitzy Wonderland and Eryn’s Rustic Retreat are two sides of the same festive coin. So, whether you’re all about the glam or leaning into rustic charm, there’s a holiday tree waiting to dazzle your space. Happy decorating, lovelies! ✨🎄

Now that your tree is ready to go, have you set your table?