Holiday Tablescapes Showdown: Traditional vs. Elegant


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Hey there, decorators! It’s that time of the year when we get to flex our creativity and make our homes dazzle with holiday cheer. In the spirit of festive joy, we’ve got two unique tablescapes to inspire you. Michelle and Eryn have taken their unique styles to the holiday table, resulting in a delightful face-off between the traditional and the elegant. Buckle up as we take a tour of their enchanting creations!


Michelle’s Traditional Tablescape: Cozy Christmas Charm



Michelle has always had a soft spot for the classics, and her traditional tablescape truly embodies the essence of a cozy Christmas. She’s all about warmth, familiarity, and celebrating the traditions that make the holidays special.


The Traditional Table Decor:


  1. Table Runner: A charming red plaid table runner sets the perfect foundation.
  2. Wood Chargers: Wooden chargers bring a rustic touch.
  3. Red Plates: Classic red dinner plates for a pop of color.
  4. Christmas Tree Salad Plates: Playful Christmas tree salad plates add whimsy.
  5. Dinner Napkins: Festive napkins in a deep red shade.
  6. Napkin Rings: Charming napkin rings with a holiday twist.
  7. Red Goblets: Red goblets for a touch of elegance.
  8. Wine Glasses: Classic wine glasses for toasting.
  9. Garland Greenery: Garland greenery for a natural touch.
  10. Red Lantern: A red lantern for added ambiance.
  11. Mini Red Houses: Mini red houses for a cozy atmosphere.
  12. Tree Candles: Adorable tree-shaped candles to light up the night.
  13. Wood Candlesticks: Wood candlesticks for a touch of rustic elegance.
  14. Red Pillar Candles: Red pillar candles for a warm glow.
  15. Candle Wreaths: Candle wreaths for a festive feel.
  16. Tea Light Votive Candles: Tea light votive candles for added sparkle.


Michelle’s traditional tablescape is all about timeless charm, bringing the heartwarming holiday vibes right to the table.


Eryn’s Elegant Tablescape: Glamour and Gold Galore



On the flip side, Eryn prefers a touch of elegance and sophistication in her holiday decor. Her tablescape radiates glamour, making it perfect for hosting more formal gatherings.


The Elegant Table Decor:


  1. White & Gold Placemat: White and gold placemats set a luxurious tone.
  2. Gold Charger Plates: Golden charger plates for a touch of luxury.
  3. White Dishes with Gold Rim: White dishes with gold rims add elegance.
  4. Green and Gold Napkins: Green and gold napkins for a touch of color and luxury.
  5. Gold Napkin Rings: Elegant gold napkin rings.
  6. Gold Silverware: Shimmering gold silverware for a regal touch.
  7. Gold-Tinted Wine Glasses: Gold-tinted wine glasses to sip in style.
  8. Table Centerpiece: A show-stopping table centerpiece to wow your guests.
  9. Flameless Candles: Flameless candles for a safe and elegant glow.


Eryn’s elegant tablescape exudes sophistication and charm, making it the perfect setting for an upscale holiday celebration.


In the end, whether you lean more towards the traditional warmth of Michelle’s tablescape or the elegant glamour of Eryn’s, remember that the magic of the holidays is all about sharing love and joy with friends and family. So, choose the tablescape that speaks to your heart and enjoy creating beautiful memories with your loved ones around the dinner table. Cheers to a happy and stylish holiday season!