Our home was a 1.5-story “starter home” not a million dollar mansion. In this market, I think you want every possible advantage on your side. We were happy to make the investment in Showhomes because it felt like we were doing something proactive instead of just sitting around waiting for our house to sell.
Before we put our home on the market, we painted every room, re-surfaced the wood floors, put in kitchen tile and made lots of other small updates. The home was empty and though we had consistent showings, we didn’t receive a single offer for three months. We took the house off the market, made a modest price change and hired Cindy Montgomery of Showhomes.

We put our house back on the market and had an offer the next day.

Cindy and her team did an outstanding job designing and furnishing the entire house so that a buyer could see how much space there was, how the space could work, and really picture themselves living there. Every room was charming.

I would hands-down recommend working with Showhomes no matter what size home you’re selling. In fact, I already have been—every time someone asks, “Did you sell the house yet?”

Megan Maynor
Edina, MN