Bruce Cunningham

For anyone who is owned their home and put a considerable amount of effort into its Maintenance & decoration, moving out of it and deciding to sell it is a very difficult transition. Most Brokers now suggest or almost require that staging be done. In our older home we had kept the tradition of house when we bought it and that that met our aesthetic; and we loved it. When we were told about staging, it was portrayed by the brokers, as a very light-hearted easy to accomplish move: a couple of pieces of furniture in and take some of your older items out.

It then became clear that it was nowhere near that easy. It was an from show homes Minneapolis who is tasked with actually interpreting the real meaning to us! We were shocked and hurt by the transitions that were suggested. All I can say is that Ann from homes demonstrated a very great amount of customer support and psychological understanding of the crisis they face as the home they lived in and loved is apparently destroyed in a matter of a couple of days. We were in Florida and our winter home at the time, and felt helpless!

She knew how to phase in the level of change, and showed great patience and was very permissive about things we didn’t want to change. As time went on, and we became more comfortable and confident in her abilities, she was able to work us to a point where we could just let go and give her full authority to move us to the next stage by making the house presentable in the bright white-washed world of today’s younger home Seekers. We had in the meantime going online to see the results of other staged homes, and we’re shocked to see that many of them looked Stark Barren and cold. And did a great job of maintaining warms and a comfortable feeling while still brightening all of the spaces!

She was very considerate and tried to keep as many of our items out of storage as possible, she had painters come and changed much of the decor. As the rooms evolved and we saw photographs, it was clear that she had done a very very good job of decorating and rearranging things, while maintaining the architectural Integrity of this historical home. The proof of her creative and Architectural understandings was that the home sold the first day it was placed on the market.

And and her team were really wonderful, quick and efficient, and created No Mess or damage, and gained our complete confidence. I think she and show homes Minneapolis are a great group to work with I would certainly recommend them to anyone.