Amie Valentine

Last year, I moved halfway across the country – from Minneapolis to Manhattan – leaving a newly remodeled house on the market. I thought the house would sell immediately – a reasonable assumption considering the fact that over $600,00 in improvements had been made and it was very well priced and in a desirable neighborhood. But it sat vacant, with few showings, for 8 months.

What a nightmare! This created a terrible financial drain on me and made it difficult to embrace my new life in New York. Every month I was sending mortgage checks to an empty house thousands of miles away!!

Two things finally broke the spell. I found a new realtor … and SHE found Showhomes!! The home managers were amazingly helpful . They took care of snow removal (not a small feat in Minnesota!) and kept me thoroughly informed of every issue involving the house. There were some small electrical and plumbing repair jobs they helped to coordinate, and their knowledge of these matters was invaluable.

Most importantly, having them in the house gave it a sense of life that I truly believed made it sell – within THREE WEEKS!! (This was remarkable, because it happened right before the holidays when the housing market usually goes into a lull before Spring.)

I only wish I had known about Showhomes from the start. It would have saved me A LOT of money and aggravation. They really put their heart into helping sell a home and it works.

My thanks to Cindy from Showhomes and the wonderful couple woho were my Home Manangers – they not only performed a vital service to get my house a buyer, they brought me much needed peace of mind.