Showhomes made a big difference, if not THE difference in selling our home. We thought our home would sell quickly when we put it on the market in April of 2004 – because it was a hot area (Edinburgh) and was priced appropriately. But the market cooled off. We closed on our new home in June; in the meantime we had no offers.

We moved out, painted the entire home and re-carpeted. The home, though empty, looked and smelled like new. By the end of summer, we still had no offers.

Our agent then told us about Showhomes and how they can stage an empty home with beautiful furniture and fine finishing touches. Showhomes was supposed to make the home seem more desirable (much like a model home) and help to sell it quckly. We were skeptical at first and mulled the idea over for the next few weeks and hoped for an offer. After nearly five months without an offer, we finally decided to give Showhomes a try as a last-ditch attempt before we lowered our price significantly.

The home manager moved in about a week later with the home being ready to show about a week after that. We visited the newly staged home and were very pleasantly surprised with its tasteful and beautiful appearance. Showhomes had very skillfully decorated it and the furnishings were lovely. The home looked warmer and more inviting than the blank canvas it was when it was empty.

Three weeks later, we had two offers in the same weekend!! We sold the home at about our expected price, without having to drop the price any further.

We would recommend Showhomes to our best friends and family if they had an empty home. It is a well-kept secret and really does work! The house was very well maintained when the home manager and his family were living there. It was kept pristine and ready to show at a moment’s notice. There was no damage to the property whatsoever and was kept as if it were his own. The home was also well cleaned when he moved out.

There is no need to hesitate the way we did if you are pondering this program. You have nothing to lose but valuable time and your equity in your home.