Yes! Spring fever hits, the school year end is in sight, and moving in the summertime presents the least hassles. Listing in early spring gives you time to prepare, and the flexibility for a long closing date. Having a deal in hand but not having to rush to pack up is reassuring, and staging your home can help.



Get excited when you hear a real estate professional say “seller’s market”. This is a time when home inventory is low but demand is high. This can cause homes to sell at the list price or above.

Recently, more owners stayed put, unwilling to make a move in a time of uncertainty, so fewer homes were on the market. Upheaval in employment caused renters to seek stability by getting into a home, or homeowners to downsize to reduce expenses.

All this means if you plan to sell, springtime and a seller’s market are two great reasons to do so.



How a home “shows” is one of the keys to getting a great buy offer. Staging your home is well worth the effort. A professional stager has design knowledge, and access to furnishings and decor items to enhance how well your home shows.

Kitchens are usually a staging focus, but here are some tips on sprucing up other home areas that may push that offer a little higher or win over a buyer who’s on the fence.


Patio Perfect

Outdoor spaces are becoming more desirable with a growing trend toward connecting with nature. Your patio surface and furniture may need some staging attention.

  • Wicker can be brushed off and washed with a garden hose. Aluminum frames can be wiped clean and finished with car wax. Use an oil soap and apply a weather-resistant stain or a urethane topcoat to shine and preserve the wood.
  • Wash cushions and covers them with water and a mild detergent. Add an “oxy” booster for any stains. Rinse and let dry away from direct sunlight.
  • Use a pressure washer on concrete and paving stones to make them look virtually new again.
  • Prune trees and shrubs. Add potted plants if there’s no natural greenery, or use silk plants. Your home stager can supply beautiful silk plants that potential buyers will never guess aren’t real.


Home Entertainment Staging

The trend of staying home more will likely continue for a while. Staging an entertainment space, even temporarily for showings, can be a big draw for buyers. If you don’t have the room to go the full-on home theater, create a media area away from immediate traffic that’s multipurpose.

  • Comfortable seating arrangement around the focal point.
  • Focal point with large wall-mount TV or stunning Laser Projector System screen. Have a movie or show running at low volume during showings.
  • Have a desk area for studying or computer work and stage with a (secured) laptop and books.
  • Set out some snack bowls, inviting guests to help themselves to pre-wrapped treats.


Staging A Welcome Entrance

Curb appeal is important, but don’t invest in major landscaping. Here are a few ways to draw buyers’ eyes from the outside.

  • Keep the lawn mowed, and trees, shrubs, and flowerbeds trimmed.
  • Paint your front door an enticing color, and place potted plants on either side. The color should be deep and contrast highly with the rest of the house, but also invoke good vibes. According to psychology, these colors represent different feelings:
    • Red: creativity, appetite.

    • Yellow: optimism.

    • Orange: abundance, passion

    • Purple: status, opulence.

    • Blue: trust, confidence.

    • Black: dedication, commitment.

  • Remove drapes that show a blank, vinyl backing to the street. Use sheers or temporary paper blinds to allow light but shield the interior, heightening curiosity. After all, you want buyers to come in and see the whole show!